About Us

Ha-Hum-Ah Theatre is an award winning North Cornwall based theatre company. We create innovative and ambitious theatre that stimulates the imagination. With an emphasis on stories which are inclusive as well as being broad in their themes and styles.


Ha-Hum-Ah Theatre was established in 2018 to offer the support and framework for artists to produce their own work with the aid and collaboration of others. Many artists don’t fulfil their artistic potential, due to the daunting prospects and challenges with producing and staging their own work. In response Ha-Hum-Ah Theatre was formed to act as a co-operative theatre company where actors, director, writers and creatives of all backgrounds could work together in realising and harnessing each other’s creativity. Through this process we believe we’ve tapped into a unique, exciting and vibrant way of creating theatre for artists and audiences alike.

In 2021 Ha-Hum-Ah expanded into the world of film with the creation of Ha-Hum-Ah Films, with the aim of bringing our unique and inventive style of telling stories to the world of motion pictures.

Artistic Director - Ben Kernow