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Life at the end of the line has always been tough. With the cost of living going up and pressure to cash in on their now quaint fishing cottage’s financial potential, Biddy and Rob find themselves at the end of the line in more ways than one. However Biddy has a plan, Biddy has an idea, Biddy has a desire to paint. The question is will any of her work save them from financial ruin, and who at the end of the line will take notice?

This year’s recipient of the FylmK commission from Screen Cornwall, the Cornish Language Office and Falmouth University’s Sound/Image Cinema Lab (SICL), 'Art' is a homage to the eccentric and quirky side of Cornwall that has fuelled its creative sector and culture for generations. From the artists of the Newlyn School and Alfred Wallis to Barbara Hepworth and Bernard Leach, Cornwall has long been a breeding ground to creative expression.

'Art' explores how Cornwall has always offered the space for creative expression, whether they've been inspired by its landscapes and people or driven by necessity to make ends meet. 'Art' looks at how in the 21st century the people of Cornwall have had to adapt and use their ingenuity to keep their heads above water. Whether it' s been diversifying their work, taking on multiple seasonal work or carving out a new idea, modern Cornwall and the divide between the cost of living and local wages has forced those who live here to think outside the box.

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