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April 2018

Grimm's Fairy Tales

Adapted from the works of Jacob & Wilhelm Grimm by Ben Kernow & Dan Bottomley
with music & lyrics by Dan Bottomley

You've heard the story, but have you heard the right one? Hansel remains locked in a stable being fattened by a hungry witch. Only his sister Gretel can save him, but can she muster the courage to topple her? She's not the only one out on her luck, after all it's a Grimm world out there. Where sausages are sentient, Jam is currency and animals rebel against their masters. But perhaps someone out there can help? Enter the forest and join Gretel as one Grimm story crashes into another and we find out what happens when you drift from the path. Along with a host of wild, murderous, eccentric characters and animals, Gretel is about to shake up the land of once upon a time.

Jacob & Wilhelm Grimm are two names which are perhaps more synonymous with the words 'once upon a time' than any other writers in history. Their collection of fairy tales is vast and varied to say the least, from stories such as Hansel & Gretel to Little Red Riding Hood. Collected and catalogued on their travels, their original stories often had far darker twists and turns than the modern interpretations.


Grimms' Fairy Tales promises to turn these stories on their head. Dissecting them for a modern audience, whilst harking to their original darker mechanics. Be prepared to enter a world where not all is as it seems and happily ever after isn't always so!

Running Time: 1 hour and 5 minutes (No Interval)

Suitable for ages 15+ (Contains mature content)

Production by

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"This is a show that could gather a bit of a cult following. I for one look forward to seeing how it develops"

Secret Review LDN

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