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? - ? December 2022

Oh No It Isn't!

By Luke Adamson

They’re the best of sisters onstage but the worst of friends off it. It’s the final performance of Cinderella in a moth-eaten, regional theatre and backstage tensions threaten to boil over onstage. Will the egotism, one-up-manship and politics remain confined to the dressing room? Will the ugly sisters keep the professional professional and the personal personal? Will we ever find out what happened during Babes In The Wood?


Based on a lifetime of experience onstage and backstage Oh No It Isn't! is a hilariously funny and beautifully moving new play exploring the highs and lows of life in the theatre. Written by Great British Pantomime Award nominee Luke Adamson and using real anecdotes and stories it is an impassioned yet tender love letter to the world of performance.

Running Time: 1 hour (No Interval)

Suitable for ages 12+ (Contains mature content)

Production by

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Radio St Austell Bay

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"If I laugh this much at any full blown pantomimes this year, then I will be most surprised. As entertainment goes – with depth to it – then you will not get better than this. Rush to Bodmin before it’s too late."

"A lovely piece of theatre that highlights love, loss, friendship, loneliness and rejection in this League of Gentlemen style show."

"Lovely, funny and poignant take on the panto dame tradition. A grand alternative Christmas show!"

"Fun, witty and poignant show... Get yourselves to Bodmin!"